Reimagining Education

Last night at a parents’ open house, I was exposed to the work of Ken Robinson for the first time. Robinson is attempting to lead the charge to entirely reconceptualize what we’re doing in education. The current model has as its impetus the preparing of people to serve an industrialized world, and it has as […]

True Grit

Last night I was finally able to break away and see True Grit. Dear Christians, stop making movies. Stop writing books. Go ahead. Put your cameras down. Fold up your laptops. Now, go watch True Grit, Ladykillers, and O Brother Where Art Thou?, and learn from Joel and Ethan Coen how to tell the Christian […]

Bread People

“Since there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread.” Sunday is reorientation day. Not only is it the day that Christians have traditionally set aside for worship, in that sacred space and sacred time we have developed reminders–reminders of our story, reminders of our […]

Sex Inside Out

Or, “Do we not judge those inside the church? But those outside God judges.” Or, “Master, is now the time when you’re going to restore the Kingdom to the United States?!” This past week I think I may have caused more than a few of my readers whiplash. On the one hand, I have been […]