Resurrection and New Creation

On Monday I shared some thoughts about resurrection: it signals Jesus’ enthronement. That would mean, within the narrative in which Jesus came proclaiming the kingdom of God, that Jesus had been enthroned as king over this kingdom. Jesus’ message of the coming kingdom was an eschatological message that found its resonance within a first-century Jewish […]

“Joy to the World”

Long time readers of my blogservations about the world will know that Joy to the World is one of the two approved Christmas carols. It is a song that celebrates the arrival of the great king that the earth has needed, and lacked, since almost the very beginning. God creates humanity to rule the world […]

King Jesus Gospel

Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel is the most recent in a stream of books designed to get evangelicals to recognize that the Christian faith is an inherently active affair. It is not merely a personal message of salvation to be believed in my heart, it is about a grand story that we must continue […]

The One Gospel?

I’ve recently been reading Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel, a book that has me digging around in some familiar territory of where the Rule of Faith fits into the Christian narrative, how well it represents the biblical story, etc. In dealing with “gospel,” McKnight starts with 1 Cor 15: “Jesus died for our sins […]

The Subordinate Son

First Corinthians 15 presents us with a surprising picture of the son’s subordination to the Father, especially for those of us who have been carefully instructed to keep Jesus the Son in tightest possible connection with God the Father as God: When it says that everything has been brought under his control, this clearly means […]