Sermon Prep, Commentary, Banter

The latest LectioCast dropped a couple days ago. This week we talk about what’s wrong (and right) about Israel wanting a king, and the peculiar ability we all have to step outside of our worship services and demand exactly the thing that we were just steeling ourselves against. There’s also a bit in there about […]

Lent and Our Incomprehensible Daring

Over at the Fuller website I have a blog post up, “Lent, Reconciliation, and the Mission of God.” The great Jewish philosopher Martin Buber writes, as he reflects on the Christian celebration of God’s good news, “To the Jew the Christian is the incomprehensibly daring person, who affirms in an unredeemed world that its redemption […]

Christmas Mystery

Barth wraps up part II of the Church Dogmatics with an exposition of the Christmas mystery: Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. The last two sections of §15 had me scratching my head, saying, “hmmm…”, and generally reflecting on how theological categories control our reading and create […]