Theological Adams: Gendered

Someone asked what the ramifications would be for male female relationships if the Gen 1-3 stories are not intended to be “history,” as such. Here, I don’t think that literal history matters very much. The point of the story is to describe how things came to be the way they are. They provide indicatives that […]

Adam as Story Starter

The creation stories were written with agendas. This is not saying anything negative about them. All stories told and preserved and retold are told and preserved and retold because of an agenda. The story is a model. It is a warning. It is a source of mockery. It is an object of honor. Biblical stories […]

Back to Adam, again…

Last week I highlighted Adam’s return to the news. At a point more directly related to Christian theology than previous scientific realizations, current investigations into human origins are calling a traditional Christian understanding of the world into question. We survived a round earth. We survived a heliocentric solar system. Can we, as Christians, survive the […]

Adam, OT, & Judaism

It seems that I am ever hearing about the relative unimportance of Adam as a determining figure in non-Christian Judaism: Adam is only mentioned outside of Genesis 1-4 in genealogies; there is no “fall” per se in the Hebrew Bible; Christians make a lot of Adam because of Paul, etc. Ok, I get all that. […]