Reformed Adam

I was pondering with some interest yesterday that a number of the recent cries for a less-than-literal Adam have developed in something like a Reformed theological setting, and, that some of the most vocal opposition to this position comes from the same. In some ways, this is not surprising. The hallmark of the [conservative] Reformed […]

The King of Nature

Psalm 89 is a marvelous psalm. Simultaneously it praises God for his greatness and wonder and it sings in praise of what God does for Israel’s king. Ultimately, after singing the wonder of both, it pleads for a restoration of the kingship. The psalm provides a host of imagery for understanding what it means to […]

Second Post on Biologos

My second post on the question of the historicity of Adam in light of Jesus and Adam in Paul is up on the Biologos blog. Mostly, it’s about how Paul read the Bible: “[The] surprise ending often transforms how the Old Testament stories are read.” Enjoy. Or fight with me in the comments. Either way! […]