Can’t God Just Forgive?

When people wrestle with atonement theology (i.e., how does the cross, in particular, bring about forgiveness of sins), the objection to atonement theology as a whole is sometimes voiced: why can’t God just forgive? Does God really need some sort of payment? On the one hand, yes, God can do whatever God wants. This is […]

My God, My God…

While hanging on the cross, Jesus cries out, “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” This cry of dereliction is an allusion to Psalm 22, a lament of Israel’s king who has been handed over to his enemies. Riffing off of Walter Brueggemann’s theology of lament: lament is when we join with the […]

Cosmic Restoration

I’m getting ready for “The Cross in the New Testament,” a course I’ve been teaching once or twice a year since coming to Fuller. One question we wrestle with has to do with atonement models. How do we understand how the death of Jesus works as a saving event? The way we answer that question […]

The Task of Our Generation

Sitting in my living room, at the ripe old age of 35, typing on a laptop while the winds howl and the rain dances upon the metal cap of our fireplace–somehow all of this compels me to the full assurance that I know what the theological task is for this generation. (Ok, the fact that […]