Divine Son of Man? (Boyarin review, part 1)

Daniel Boyarin has come out with a short, readable book arguing a provocative thesis. The Jewish Gospels, The Story of the Jewish Christ sets out to demonstrate that early Christian ideas about Jesus are all Jewish ideas about a coming messiah figure. Many Jews, argues Boyarin, believed that a divine being would come to rescue […]

Resonate: Matthew (Ch. 11)

A week ago, a blog tour began winding its way through Matt Woodley’s Matthew commentary in the Resonate Series (IVP). Other posts today are by Charity Singleton and Todd Hiestand. This series strives to bring together “the biblical sense” with the “cultural significance” (p. 10). I take this to mean that its writers strive to […]

Homosexuality: Identity and Scripts

I’d like your help. I’m involved in some discussions about homosexuality in the church, and we’re using Mark Yarhouse’s book, Homosexuality and the Christian as our jumping-off point. There are two ideas he puts forward that I would love some broader feedback on. First, Yarhouse issues a word of caution about quickly embracing the idea […]