Christmas Contagion

Jesus came with more than his fair share of surprises. Among these was his power to reverse contagion. “Contagion” is a fancy way of talking about something being contagious. In particular, we talk about contagion as how things become “unclean.” If an unclean object comes into contact with a clean object, the clean becomes unclean. […]

“Joy to the World”

Long time readers of my blogservations about the world will know that Joy to the World is one of the two approved Christmas carols. It is a song that celebrates the arrival of the great king that the earth has needed, and lacked, since almost the very beginning. God creates humanity to rule the world […]

Advent Love

I’m not sure who invented this whole advent wreath thing, but we need to have a little conversion. Today, thanks to said Christmas tradition, I was in charge of leading an Advent discussion on love. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What could be easier than talking about love in connection with the Messiah’s birth, […]