Unity by Faith

Diversity is something we can see with our eyes. Unity requires faith. That was my realization as I was studying 1 Corinthians 12 recently. Unity, Identity, Witness I’ve wondered about and lamented over the failure of Christian unity. The failure of Christian unity is the failure of Christians witness. In John 17 Jesus prays, “I […]

Jesus Beyond Jesus

One thing evangelicals do well is our incessant hammering on the need for each of us to continually respond in faith to the God who is reaching out to us in Christ. We insist on personal accountability before God. But if the down side to this has been that we’re slow to realize the fully […]


Communities make things believable. They are the “plausibility structures” that provide us with the scaffolding we need to integrate what we experience with what we believe. Given the right plausibility structure, the belief that the earth is under 10,000 years old becomes largely self-evident, the clear grid for assessing every piece of scientific data. Given […]

Jesus or God?

In yesterday’ stop along the Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? blog tour, Jim West demurred over my articulation of the ministry of Jesus. This seemed like a good, old-fashioned substantive disagreement, or at least, a place where sounding the note with the right emphasis might be important. On p. 100 of JHILBP, I say, […]