Once upon a time, I took a lot of stock in the notion that what mattered most was “who you are when no one’s looking.” Ok, there’s some value in such a self-assessment. We do need to have a level of integrity in what we do on our own and what we profess in public. […]

What Threatens the Chuch?

In the wake of the Rob Bell controversy, his editor at HarperOne, Mickey Maudlin, wrote a reflection on what transpired. Bell wrote a book many disagreed with, and the disagreement immediately was charged with words like “Heresy,” and was roundly condemned in many circles. Maudlin points out how blithely the notion of heresy was invoked: […]

Christ. That is All.

Colossians 2 resumes the strange idea of filling up what’s lacking in Christ’s afflictions that Paul spoke of in ch. 1. “I want you to know how much I struggle for you… and for all who haven’t known me personally.” The goal of this struggle is knowledge of Christ. That is all. But we need […]

Adding Normal Church

Folks who follow the blog (or my Facebook or Twitter projections) know that our family’s primary community of worship has been a house church since we moved to San Francisco almost three years ago. This has been a great experience. We found close community quickly, made the kind of friends with whom we can celebrate […]

Cultivate the Whole

Sometimes you hear about the magic bullet. The thing. The one thing. The leading thing. If we get hold of this one thing, the rest will fall into place. I hear tell of a college whose motto proclaims, in the words of a Protestant Reformer, that the mind is the way to the heart. And […]

Communion Day

Yesterday was communion day. Of course, at The Table it’s always communion day (and bacon. and mimosas. but I digress). But yesterday we arrived at last at the Last Supper story in our long journey through the Gospel of Mark. Communion is a magnificent reminder of all the things we should take for granted but […]