tMG Church 4-14-2011

When the Church of the Mountain Goats gathered in Baltimore on April 14, pastor John preached a phenomenal sermon. [Here, jrdk is being a bit tongue-in-cheek, please don’t write the management complaining about his ecclesiology. –ed.] After the song Damn These Vampires (which does use the word damn, but really, if you’re going to wish […]

Paul and the Story of the Cross

When I start talking about the importance of the story of the cross as I did yesterday–that we are a cross people and that we know what the cross signifies because of the whole story in which it is found–I quickly bump up against the fact that most of the books of the New Testament […]

Jesus’ Own Faith

In conversation with some comments that ensued after the “faith of Jesus Christ” post from last week, I want to underscore what I think is essential about the identity of Jesus, an aspect highlighted by the “faith(fulness) of Jesus Christ” reading of Galatians 1:16. In order for Jesus to be truly human, he had to […]