Violence and Power

Since The Shooting this weekend folks have been engaged in the standard question-asking, finger-pointing, and blame shifting. We always want to blame someone. One of the most common concerns, and one that I share in part, is the connection between the shooting and the inflamed political rhetoric of our day. But I wonder if the […]

Advent Love

I’m not sure who invented this whole advent wreath thing, but we need to have a little conversion. Today, thanks to said Christmas tradition, I was in charge of leading an Advent discussion on love. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What could be easier than talking about love in connection with the Messiah’s birth, […]

Great Thanksgiving

If you manage to slide out of Baptist circles into Presbyterian, the Lord’s Supper becomes communion. That is, it moves from being something Jesus did that we simply remember into something that creates, recreates, and sustains our union with the crucified and risen Christ and causes us to be bound to one another as well. […]

Authority, Power, and the Cross

A few weeks ago I was raising some cautions about how Christian leaders use / abuse power. In conversation that ensued, a reader pursued the line that clearing out a seminary of its theological rabble rousers was no more an abuse of power than assigning grades in a seminary class. That struck me as a […]