Christmas Contagion

Jesus came with more than his fair share of surprises. Among these was his power to reverse contagion. “Contagion” is a fancy way of talking about something being contagious. In particular, we talk about contagion as how things become “unclean.” If an unclean object comes into contact with a clean object, the clean becomes unclean. […]

On the Importance of Bombs

Warning: this post is rated PG-13 for language. If you find strong language deeply offensive, please come back tomorrow. But really, the offense of strong language is the point. Sometimes life needs to be rated PG-13 for language. Because the reality of life rarely lives up to its Rated-G billing (better: the Rated G fascade […]

Rising Tide of Secularism?

One of the common components to the story of American religious history as told among Evangelicals is that Christian influence is waning and that modern culture is more hostile to Christianity than ever before. Are we so sure? Historical demographers and sociologists have shown that in 1776 only 17 percent of the national population belonged […]

Racial or Not?

I know it’s a bit hard to see the picture, but see what you can make of this sign: (“CAPS WORN WITH BILL FORWARD ONLY! NO DO RAGS!”) The sign adorns a new high school football stadium. I’m curious how it strikes you. My gut reaction was that there was a racist tinge to it, […]