Two Down, or…

Karl Barth, The Man-Crush Resumes. In the final section of Doctrine of the Word of God, Barth touches on two dynamics of his work that make my heart sing, and clarifies one of the recurring challenges I’ve had (including from part one of this section). First, Barth here talks about the dogmatic method as deriving […]

Peace of Christ Be With You

Yesterday I had more opportunity to reflect on “peace” within the context of the Christian story. Where I kept getting pushed was how “Being children of God,” as peacemakers, reflects the breadth of God’s redeeming love. In short, peacemaking as Christians is our turning toward one another, and the larger world, with what we have […]

King Jesus Gospel

Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel is the most recent in a stream of books designed to get evangelicals to recognize that the Christian faith is an inherently active affair. It is not merely a personal message of salvation to be believed in my heart, it is about a grand story that we must continue […]

Theology is Important

For all of my moaning about certain ways of doing theology or thinking of Christian identity in particular theologized ways, I have something even more important to say, and I hope it’s not lost amid the cries and protests. Theology is important. I do worry about certain ways of doing theology, and want to push […]