Violence and Power

Since The Shooting this weekend folks have been engaged in the standard question-asking, finger-pointing, and blame shifting. We always want to blame someone. One of the most common concerns, and one that I share in part, is the connection between the shooting and the inflamed political rhetoric of our day. But I wonder if the […]

The OT & Ethics

This from Doug Moo’s Romans commentary, discussing Paul’s citation of Psalm 68:10 in Romans 15:3: The OT, though no longer a source of direct moral imperative ([Romans] 6:14, 15; 7:4), continues to play a central role in helping Christians to understand the climax of salvation history and their responsibilities as the new Covenant people of […]

Buyer Beware!

There’s all kinds of crazy crap out there on the internet these days. Egads! In one recent blog post, Bob Cargill suggested that people should disagree agreeably and possibly even share a beer afterwards! More than that, he claims it’s happening! I’m not sure how trustworthy such a fellow could possibly be. In another blog, […]

Pragmatics of Love

In something of a follow-up to yesterday’s post on homosexuality and justice, I had a few thoughts on the pragmatic nature of my argument about endorsing civil liberties as an expression of love. To be sure, there was a bit of a theological component as well, an appeal to Jesus’ commands to love our neighbor, […]

Being What You’ve Received

What does it mean to act Christianly and how do we know when we’re doing it? Ruminations on that question sparked thoughts on James earlier this week. When I read that letter I get the overwhelming sense that it is telling us to do all the right things, but I still find myself discontent with […]

Why Not Rather Be Wronged?

I heard another one of the stories yesterday. A church in a property dispute. Yes, the resolution was one in which there was some reconciliation at the end, it was story of the surprising power of God showing up in an unexpected place. But the story was still there. A congregation shut down from above. […]