Christ and Adam at Creation

God’s Grace, Human Agents

One of the problems with getting all super spiritual is that we sometimes tend to… well… spiritualize everything. We think we are learning new levels of faith and trust when we look to God alone–not realizing that God has given us people around us for the purpose of speaking wisdom, caring for us, and receiving […]

Who Am I?

As a Christian, who am I? As Christians, who are we? Lots of different answers are given to this one, many of which we don’t speak out loud, but simple assume. Other answers are spoken out loud, at times, but perhaps they do not seep in deeply enough to come to the point of “unspoken […]

Temple as People

Spoiler! Since I figure that most of you don’t read Catholic Biblical Quarterly, I thought I’d risk a spoiler here of a forthcoming article there. And, for those of you who do so read, you can go there for the argument later this summer. Here it is: in Mark, the replacement of the physical temple […]


Forgiveness is powerful. It is powerful when we long for it and do not receive it. It is powerful when we receive it and thereby receive newness of life. This is the sermon I heard last night. The preachers? Despereaux and The Doctor. The Tale of Despereaux is about a rat and a mouse, a […]

Behold the… Lobster?

Last night Laura and I engaged in a moment of post-SBL de-tox by watching Brooklyn Lobster. A film about a lobster company that is on the verge of going under is a film about family, raw reality, and forgiveness. The father figure in the film, Frank Giorgio, is depicted as rather lobster-like himself in a […]

Can’t God Just Forgive?

When people wrestle with atonement theology (i.e., how does the cross, in particular, bring about forgiveness of sins), the objection to atonement theology as a whole is sometimes voiced: why can’t God just forgive? Does God really need some sort of payment? On the one hand, yes, God can do whatever God wants. This is […]

Theology Hub Podcast

Theology Hub. Theology that sits at the center, supporting the realities of everyday life where the rubber meets the road. Or, Theology conversations that take place at The Hub in San Francisco. Either way, it’s what Mark Scandrette and I are collaborating on this summer. The first episode is up. We talked forgiveness. The point […]