Forgiveness and Resurrection

Yesterday I did a little co-conspiring with Mark Scandrette and the guys from ikon here in San Francisco. We recorded a podcast about forgiveness (stay tuned for download details). The conversation generated a number of thoughts and questions, not all of them worked out in our short time recording. Perhaps one of the most important […]


In case you’ve missed it, there is a fantastic article on Forgiveness by Christine Scheller in the October issue of Christianity Today. Here’s one quote: Living a life of holiness and learning the ways of God sometimes mean letting go of our need for justice and instead embracing a world that groans in anticipation of […]

A Forgiveness People

Two different things got me thinking yesterday got me thinking about the role of forgiveness in Christian identity. I was at a “marketing summit” with a number of folks from Fuller, and our time was being led by Michael Hyatt. He was fantastic: he both gave us narratives to spur our thinking and respected / […]

Grace on the Ground

A final foray into this month’s Christianity Today takes us to the moving story of Chris Rice, chronicling the low-point and turning-point of his famous partnership (and friendship) with Spencer Perkins. Their efforts at leading an interracial Christian community had pushed them to the breaking point in their relationship with each other. Before chucking everything […]