Patriarchy and Worth

Last summer I gave a talk entitled, “Patriarchy and Worth: The Gospel’s Challenge to an Ancient System” at the Christians for Biblical Equality annual meeting in Pittsburgh. The bottom line: once you’ve said that men and women are fundamentally equal, you have ceased to participate in the ancient worldview that undergirds male headship and every […]

What’s On Your Plate?

Slowing the blogging pace and stepping back for a week or two over the holidays, I started to think about what streams of conversation are flowing with particular force these days. Over the past couple of years there have been emergent or missional conversations that always provided ready fodder for conversation. But those streams have […]

Theological Adams: Gendered

Someone asked what the ramifications would be for male female relationships if the Gen 1-3 stories are not intended to be “history,” as such. Here, I don’t think that literal history matters very much. The point of the story is to describe how things came to be the way they are. They provide indicatives that […]

Common English Bible at Fuller

During both Advent and Lent I participated in blog tours that were designed, in part, to get word out about the Common English Bible. Recently, Fuller Seminary’s Bible division voted to place the CEB alongside the NRSV as the translations that may be used by students in our courses. Though not the minutes from the […]

Why I Use a Clunky Neologism

I recently tweeted the following: Who God is in Godself is insufficient cause of praise: One of my Facebook friends wanted to know what was up with this “Godself” business. Besides being a horribly clunky neologism, doesn’t the Bible constantly use masculine language to refer to God? Here’s what she commented: Daniel, I enjoy […]

Language and Social Programming

In Fuller’s Biblical Division, we have a requirement that students use a gender-inclusive translation of the Bible (NRSV or TNIV) as their English translation. My students often ignore this, despite my desperate pleas, so I have to find ways of compelling them against their will. *ahem* This spring a student asked some good, pointed questions […]