Hope, Resurrection, Posture

On Sunday, I posted some thoughts about hope–Christian hope as resurrection hope, followed yesterday by some reflections on the significance of Jesus’ full humanity. Taking hold of the far-reaching implications of Jesus’ restoration project is something I continually harp on because it can play an important role in transforming the posture with which we hold […]

Revelation and Trinity

In this week’s reading of Church Dogmatics Barth works out the nature of revelation in conversation with the identity of God itself. There were two amusing moments for me in this reading. One was when he said on p. 330: The statement: Individuum est ineffabile, can indeed be made but characteristically it cannot be proved, […]

Why I Use a Clunky Neologism

I recently tweeted the following: Who God is in Godself is insufficient cause of praise: http://bit.ly/flAoBS One of my Facebook friends wanted to know what was up with this “Godself” business. Besides being a horribly clunky neologism, doesn’t the Bible constantly use masculine language to refer to God? Here’s what she commented: Daniel, I enjoy […]