Claiming Jesus: Benefits and Dangers

This week our house church group read through Isa 34-35. The two chapters juxtapose starkly antithetical visions of what God’s vindication of God’s people looks like. In Isa 34 there is the negative side of the coin: Israel’s enemies destroyed for Israel’s sake. It is one of the most gruesome depictions of slaughter in scripture: […]

Saved by Grace, Judged by Works?

The final judgment is a culminating moment in the story of God. This means that if we are participating in that story, our own narratives are going to somehow walk a path that takes us from our life here and now through that judgment and out the other side as God’s vindicated people. Inspired by […]

Grace on the Ground

A final foray into this month’s Christianity Today takes us to the moving story of Chris Rice, chronicling the low-point and turning-point of his famous partnership (and friendship) with Spencer Perkins. Their efforts at leading an interracial Christian community had pushed them to the breaking point in their relationship with each other. Before chucking everything […]