Doing What You Believe

Today’s post is inspired by the Theology Nerd Throwdown podcast. “The” Vs. “-al” At the end of a recent episode, Tripp and Bo got into one of their recurring fights. It’s the versus -al. What’s more important? Is it the things that we believe–the incarnation, the resurrection, the Pentecost? Or is it the ways we […]


Last week I sat down with Tripp Fuller of Homebrewed Christianity fame. He had told me that we were going to talk Reza Aslan, so out of stark fear and an overwhelming instinct of self-preservation, I highjacked the entire conversation, keeping him talking about progressive theology, God being as nice as Jesus, and how to […]

Empire and Cross

I’m playing catch up with my podcasts these days, so I just now came across “Nerd Out: Leaving Church, Packing Heat, and Metaphysical Violence” in my Homebrewed Christianity Queue. The discussion of peace and metaphysics was rich and challenging. Right around the 51 minute mark, you get this stream from Tripp: Caesar’s editors got a […]

That Moral Monster?

This weekend I had the chance to listen to the Roger Olson interview on the Homebrewed Christianity podcast. In the interview, Olson reiterated his primary reason for not being a Calvinist. Olson, a true Arminian, believes in the total depravity of humanity. And, as a true Arminian, he believes in the reality of prevenient grace. […]