Waiting for the Messiah

Advent is a time of waiting. And it is the time leading up to the celebration of Jesus’ birth. This might create the mistaken impression that Advent is time when we sit around waiting for the Messiah to be born. That’s not it. Though we are waiting for the Messiah. Advent is a time when […]

Deep Hope

“I can’t write about the ending of the story, papa, because it doesn’t have an ending.” My six-year-old was in the back seat, dutifully completing her reading log for school. But The Giving Tree had introduced an unexpected wrinkle into her plans. “All the happy things happen at the beginning and the sad things happen […]

Assumption and Salvation

“What Christ did not assume is not redeemed.” That, or something like it, was a way that the early church fathers (Gregory? anyone help me out here?) reflected on the significance of Jesus’ incarnation and full humanity. Against the idea that he might not have had a human soul, for example, it was insisted that […]


“Hope is when you wish for something.” “No, hope is when you really think something is going to happen.” This conversation, overheard from the back seat of my car, embodies the dissonance many of us live in between hope as a powerful life-giving reality, and hope as a wishy-washy sense of desire. I choose my […]

Transformed Humanity

When we last left our hero he was contemplating his own ministry as filling up what’s missing from Christ’s sufferings (Col 1:24). As striking as this articulation of his ministry is, I suggested that its significance was intrinsic to his two-fold conviction that Christ’s death reconciles all things and that this reconciliation is not yet […]