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Lost Again?

It’s been a year since we parted
For months, you were lost
I should have looked
But I did not know
I should have asked
You were silent
I misunderstood
I thought you were busy
I thought you were settling
I thought you’d call
But then I asked
And then I found
You were lost
Yes, you were lost

You should not be lost anymore
But it has been a year since we parted
I have missed you
I miss your words
I miss your insight
I miss your potential to change the world
I hope you are thriving
I hope you are bringing life to those you meet
I hope you are not withering under the cruelties of blistering criticism
I hope you are a small beam of light in the darkness you encounter
I hope, most of all, to see you soon.

jrdk, “Ode to the Article I Sent Off For Peer Review”

Dad for Dinner?! Pig Family Photos

One of the best parts of having kids is getting to revisit iconic cartoons from my childhood.

One of little dude’s favorites is the Three Little Pigs Silly Symphony:

Good cartoons always have a little something for the watching adults. In this case, the source of amusement lies in the rather politically incorrect family photos.

Mom is what you might expect:

But here’s dad:

And dad again:

Dad for dinner, anyone?

Luther’s Insults

You moderate enforcer and eulogizer of moderation. You are one of those bloody and deceitful people who affect modesty in words and appearance, but who meanwhile breathe out threats and blood. (Luther, “Against Latomus,” Luther’s Works, 32, p. 142)

That is how I was insulted by Luther today.

Indeed, there is a seemingly endless supply of Luther insults, ready to hand. All you need to is head on over to Lutheran Insulter.

If you think you can take it, go ahead and click “Insult me again.” Luther has plenty to unleash!


(Note: this is for entertainment purposes only. Any other use of the site is strictly prohibited.)

Peliculate with Me

As those of you who are attentive to my Facebook or Twitter feeds already know, a new word has entered the English language this week.

The word is peliculate.

peliculate. verb. intransitive. to watch a movie. (from the Spanish, película: movie)

Why introduce another word into the English language? Because we have no elegant verb for watching movies.

Consider, for example, the song lyric, “Won’t you Charleston with me?” Note how seamlessly we could sing, “Won’t you peliculate with me?” whereas, “Won’t you watch a movie with me,” is entirely too clunky.

And although movie revenue might be down, most of us still peliculate on a regular basis, and peliculation remains an important dynamic in current American culture.

So please, let’s adopt this neologism as a salutary addition to our vocabularies. I don’t know about you, but after a long week there’s little I like better than crashing with the wife for a little peliculation.

Tools in Hand, No Skill Required!

I want to tell you a little bit about how awesome I am. I’m usually not this direct, though many of you have suspected that this is how I see myself. Here are a few more things about my awesomeness you should know:

I have a circular saw. This means, of course, that I can build anything I want to. I can sit down and lay out plans for a tree house, buy the wood, fit the joints, and make the whole thing level, safe, and sturdy.

I have a baseball bat. This means, of course, that at any given moment I could jump onto the local softball team and become their ringer. Every time I step up to the plate I can get on base, and I usually get a hit. I have a bat, after all.

I also have an encyclopedia at my fingertips. This means, of course, that I know a little bit about almost everything in the world. I know about all the presidents, all the countries, and all the bacteria that cause diseases.

I also have a smart phone. This means, of course, that anytime I wanted to I could create a spaceship to put people on the moon. My EVO4G is more powerful than any mainframe they had way back in the ’60s. I’m amazing. I have power untold at my fingertips.

I also have access to Accordance and Bibleworks. This means, of course, that I know everything I need to know about the Greek language. I can translate and parse and investigate what words really mean. I can preach from the Greek and Hebrew. And I can probably write a grammar.

I’m so awesome because I have awesome tools. And once you have tools, what further need do you have for knowledge or skills?

April Fool Rankings

The Top 50 Biblioblog rankings are out. It seems I’ve slipped a bit out of the Top 10.

I feel the urge to chastise you for this, because as an INTJ I know it can’t be my fault. The burden must fall to the shoulders of my readers. However, In the spirit of humility which I am attempting to cultivate, I will simply try to do better this month. I promise to try to post about sex, homosexuality, inerrancy, and women in the church at least 4 times per week. And thus, appeasing your thirst for controversy, I will regain what has been lost.

Starting tomorrow…