Sure Deliverance

I’m not sure why, but the kids and I keep reading the Psalms. I know, it sounds like a really great idea. But in the words of a friend who attempted the same and ultimately was punished by God for it with a PhD in Old Testament, “There’s some really strange stuff in there.” Ok, […]

You Are What You Eat?

This month’s Christianity Today leads with an excellent article on food. Leslie Leyland Fields writes “A Feast Fit for The King,” which is a balanced assessment of the sustainable food movement. Fields does a nice job of setting up the issues that confront us when we take something off the shelf in the supermarket: Is […]


I’d like to be a universalist. Or, at least, something more like a universalist than I am now. The more I ponder the ramifications of the traditional idea that anyone who doesn’t put faith in Jesus going to Hell, the more I hope that there’s more than one loophole. My thoughts have been pushed on […]