Kingdom of Abundance

The feeding narratives were supposed to tell the disciples everything they needed to know about Jesus’ identity–and their participation with him in the coming of the kingdom. At least, that seems to be what Mark wants us to think. Jesus feeds 5,000, and then when the disciples freak out at his coming to them on […]

The One Gospel?

I’ve recently been reading Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel, a book that has me digging around in some familiar territory of where the Rule of Faith fits into the Christian narrative, how well it represents the biblical story, etc. In dealing with “gospel,” McKnight starts with 1 Cor 15: “Jesus died for our sins […]

Image of the King

What does setting up an image have to do with rule? It’s sometimes argued that ancient kings would set up images of themselves in the lands they ruled as a reminder to all the people of who the king was–especially if he was not physically present. I’m not sure that this is historically accurate; however, […]

Shoes on Other Feet

I confess. (I really need to stop doing that here–note to self, add “blogsphere confessionals” to “List of things to talk to therapist about.” Where was I? Oh yes…) I confess, I cheer for winners. If I’m watching a game and don’t have a huge stake in one of the teams, I find myself drawn […]

Economy of Death

It seems that the purpose of the blogsphere today is for public processing of Osama Bin Laden’s death. The Twitter feed has alerted me to numerous posts that are saying, in essence, what I’ll say here as well: the economy of the Kingdom of God should give us pause about jumping into unmitigated celebration of […]

The Task of Our Generation

Sitting in my living room, at the ripe old age of 35, typing on a laptop while the winds howl and the rain dances upon the metal cap of our fireplace–somehow all of this compels me to the full assurance that I know what the theological task is for this generation. (Ok, the fact that […]

The Blessed Dog of Mark 7

I want to dig into Mark’s story of the Syrophoenician woman just a bit more today. It is one of the more troubling episodes in Mark. When this woman comes begging Jesus to heal her demon-possessed daughter Jesus in essence tells her she is a dog, unworthy of the gift: “It is not right to […]


JSN, regular participant in the Storied Theology, has drawn my attention to The Theology Project of Trinity Lutheran Church. In particular, this church has recently formulated its understanding of who Jesus was and is and what this means for a community of believers. What do you think about its Jesus statement? I want to say […]