Advent Week 2

Yes, Christmas might have been coopted by our capitalist, consumerist society. But Advent seems relatively safe right now. Advent is not about getting. Advent is about waiting. It’s one of those rare seasons in the year in which churches more broadly walk to the beat of the same drummer. Non-liturgical churches will break out their […]

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Waiting in Hope

This week’s LectioCast takes us into the realm of waiting in hope. I was joined by people from around the world as I live recorded while broadcasting on Periscope. Hannah stands strong as the hero of two of the texts. She pours herself out before God, and God sings God’s praises. Check it out, and […]

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Enter the Inverted Economy

This week’s LectioCast features another humming conversation with Bo Sanders. Weaving our ways through the passages, we find a recurring call to invest in God’s own way of being in the world. We discover afresh that the life we’re called to live into requires a tremendous amount of faith. The scriptures invite us to enter […]