God is Love?

“God is love.” This is one of the most important things Christians say about God. And, it is one of the most abused. The problem with saying “God is love” is twofold. First, we assume that we know what love means already, so the phrase becomes a bit of a mirror rather than an insight […]


Communities make things believable. They are the “plausibility structures” that provide us with the scaffolding we need to integrate what we experience with what we believe. Given the right plausibility structure, the belief that the earth is under 10,000 years old becomes largely self-evident, the clear grid for assessing every piece of scientific data. Given […]

Gaining Assurance

Ever wished you had a little more certainty about the whole Christian story? How do you respond to your moments of doubt, or those episodes when things feel tenuous? Is there a biblical “program” for attaining to full assurance of the faith we confess in Christ? The Christian faith has numerous several heroes of uncertainty […]


Blogsphere confessional: I hate New Year’s Resolutions. Mostly, this is because I’m full of myself. I tell myself that when I see something that needs to change, I just do it. Why wait for a new year to begin what I should have already started doing? But I now repent in sackcloth and ashes. Basically, […]

Advent Love

If there’s one thing that everyone seems to agree about, it’s that ethics are rooted in love. At a party this weekend at my parents’ house, I had a chance to talk with a man who is a self-described “seeker.” He loves to study religions, all religions. He loves Eastern and Western. He has seen […]

Transformed Humanity

When we last left our hero he was contemplating his own ministry as filling up what’s missing from Christ’s sufferings (Col 1:24). As striking as this articulation of his ministry is, I suggested that its significance was intrinsic to his two-fold conviction that Christ’s death reconciles all things and that this reconciliation is not yet […]