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Mind = Blown

The new LectioCast is up! This is the week when things that were askew are set to rights, and God gets celebrated for it. We even manage to tell a couple stories about living a God-infused life in an otherwise cynical world. You don’t want to miss this round. Please share the love:

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The Perfect Who Suffer

This week’s LectioCast offers a guided tour through passages with perfect sufferers: Job and Jesus as described in Hebrews. And, yes, there might just be a Mountain Goats reference in there somewhere for both of you who love them as much as I do. Bo Sanders is back, and there are some gems in this […]

Ransom–Slavery or Guilt?

Typically, the evangelical churches I run in the ways we talk about the death of Jesus have to do with guilt. Specifically, they have to do with paying the punishment incurred by our faithlessness and guilt. But there’s a good argument to be made for metaphors and images that do justice to other dynamics of […]

The Law, the OT, and Christians

Over the past couple of weeks we have been poking around various issues of the relationship of Christians with the scriptures of Israel. It all started with some musings on why Christians don’t keep Sabbath, and that expanded into the question of Law more generally: [in what sense] do Christians keep the Law? But each […]