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Have You Heard?

Have you heard the wisdom of God? Or have you simply (or simplistically) assumed that you always knew what it was? It might be time to listen again. The Lectionary for this coming Sunday has dished up an amazing assortment of texts. There’s a theme running through them that has the power to make us […]

Jesus Eschatology

When I last made an impassioned plea for eschatology, I said that eschatology is what happens when the people of God, not seeing the promises of God with their own eyes, nonetheless continue to believe that God will make good on what God has promised. More specifically, I suggested that eschatology needs to be read […]

Kingdom of Abundance

The feeding narratives were supposed to tell the disciples everything they needed to know about Jesus’ identity–and their participation with him in the coming of the kingdom. At least, that seems to be what Mark wants us to think. Jesus feeds 5,000, and then when the disciples freak out at his coming to them on […]

Paul and the Story of the Cross

When I start talking about the importance of the story of the cross as I did yesterday–that we are a cross people and that we know what the cross signifies because of the whole story in which it is found–I quickly bump up against the fact that most of the books of the New Testament […]