Us and Them?

Genre note: this blog post is about suggestions and questions. It’s about thoughts clanging around that haven’t found a way to resolve in some sort of palatable harmony. Like real life, it’s a mess of happenings and thoughts and interpretations and rightness and wrongness. Now that the caveat’s behind us… I’ve been thinking about “us […]


I’m not normally one who gives much thought, time, energy, or money to augmenting his wardrobe. Over the past year, however, I have found two exceptional pieces of clothing that demanded purchase. Both are t-shirts. First, in honor of my breakfast making, E’s obsession with, and Halloween dressing, as Darth Vader, together with E’s choice […]

California Song

In case you’re wondering (I know you were), this is the Mountain Goats song that is currently occupying a large part of my days’ mental soundtrack. California Song It’s from a 2007 Zoop show, which is available in its entirety here. Can you see that young star overhead? It’s the one that designed my undoing….

tMG Church 4-14-2011

When the Church of the Mountain Goats gathered in Baltimore on April 14, pastor John preached a phenomenal sermon. [Here, jrdk is being a bit tongue-in-cheek, please don’t write the management complaining about his ecclesiology. –ed.] After the song Damn These Vampires (which does use the word damn, but really, if you’re going to wish […]

Music FYI

I know that you are worried. Does Kirk listen to anything other than The Mountain Goats? To set your minds at ease, here is a list of other music I’m currently digging in my non-Apple-product MP3 Player: Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More (God bless you, Laura Turner, for putting me on to this) Alexi […]

All Eternals Deck

For the past several weeks, I have been streaming All Eternals Deck at every opportunity. The new Mountain Goats album is officially released today for us consumers to go about our business of consumption. So go get it. $5 to download the whole thing. Seriously. Get on it. This album continues the musical trajectory from […]