All Eternals Deck

For the past several weeks, I have been streaming All Eternals Deck at every opportunity. The new Mountain Goats album is officially released today for us consumers to go about our business of consumption. So go get it. $5 to download the whole thing. Seriously. Get on it. This album continues the musical trajectory from […]


On Thursday I received Undercard, the latest project by Mountain Goats front man John Darnielle, but this time under the name The Extra Lens and created in collaboration with Frank Bruno. I spent way too much time in the car over the past couple of days, which has given me a chance to listen through […]

Mountain Goats Monday

Ok, I love the Mountain Goats. And, most of the reason I think they’re so great is because of the way that their songs are redemptive, fraught with eschatology, clear sighted in their juxtaposition of hope and brokenness. But sometimes, their songs are just a testimony to the fact that we make bad mistakes. And […]

And Give You Peace

Sometimes, people who make no profession of allegiance to Jesus shame me through their telling or enactment of the gospel story. I’ve commented about the Mountain Goats here several times over the past few weeks. Monday I was looking for some copyright information for the song Love, Love, Love and stumbled across the liner notes […]

For Love

Having spent the past week drafting a chapter on sex for my Jesus and Paul book, wrapping it up with some thoughts on homosexuality yesterday and today, this is all I’ve got left: Love, Love, Love by The Mountain Goats King Saul fell on his sword When it all went wrong And Joseph’s brother sold […]