Bible as Diary

I’m in some good old-fashioned theological conversation with a group of friends right now. As often happens when people who know too much about the Bible try to talk shop, one of the lines of conversion is how we can make theological claims about today in conversation with the Bible when the Bible itself demonstrates […]


On Waking Up

On Waking Up Waking up can be one of the most terrifying things we do in life. This is because the old cliché is true: when we’re in a vivid dream we don’t know that we’re asleep. We wake up in different ways an in different times across the course of our lives. We step […]

the book of sins

What Is Sin?

What is Sin? “Sin is any want of conformity unto or transgression of the Law of God.” That’s how the Westminster Shorter Catechism defines sin. There’s something I really like about it. That definition assumes that sin is not only breaking of certain rules, but also indicative of our failure to conform ourselves to a […]

Mr Rogers neighbor

Healthy Theology: Loving Neighbor

Last week, I started musing a bit on how we might achieve theological health. Riffing off the following from Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?, I suggested that our starting point might be asking the question, “How do we best love God?”: …theology that produces bad behavior loses its claim to be giving faithful stage […]