If Ephesians Used Colossians…

I’m doing some digging about in Colossians these days, so you’ll probably find an unusual concentration of Colossians related throughts on the blog for the next few weeks. One perennial question about Colossians is who wrote it. The letter speaks of church as a more universal entity than the localized communities we see in, say, […]

Tim Gombis on Paul

In this month’s Christianity Today, Tim Gombis has a fantastic article orienting us afresh to the apostle Paul. He calls our attention to several ways in which contemporary evangelicals need to keep having our reading of scripture recalibrated. First, he challenges the common perception that at his conversion Paul left behind a legalistic Judaism in […]

Paul and the Story of the Cross

When I start talking about the importance of the story of the cross as I did yesterday–that we are a cross people and that we know what the cross signifies because of the whole story in which it is found–I quickly bump up against the fact that most of the books of the New Testament […]

Law in Romans: Promissory

I apologize for taking so long to get here. But when we talk about “Law,” we have to be clear what we’re saying (and not saying). What Paul says about the Law is a subset of what he says about, and how he reads, the rest of the scriptures of Israel. I take these to […]