Rubio's Swearing In

A Modest Proposal for a More Civil Politics

Apparently there was another Republican candidate presidential debate last night. I confess: I was watching baseball until a flurry of new friends came over for a most delightful evening around our dinner table. In other words, I enjoyed my evening rather than watching the debate. But there it was, waiting for me in the morning […]


Religion and Tribes

I’ve had four thoughts about religion and tribes, a.k.a. religion and politics, swimming around in my head over the past couple of days. Actually, one of them has been a deep, on-going thought. It started with an observation that North American politics and the North American church scene are both increasingly polarized, despite what I […]

Soft In My Old Age

Today I made the mistake of turning the radio to something other than sports on my drive to work. I don’t know why I thought the sounds of NPR would be better for my soul than the Jim Rome Show, but I made the call and now I have to live with it. True confessions: […]

Redeeming Grace

Over the past fifteen years or so, the Evangelical churches in the U.S. have been waking up to the fact that for far too long its gospel has been far too small. Consumed with that part of its identity that demands personal encounter with and rescue by God, it had forgotten that it was supposed […]

Wrath and Governing Authorities

Romans 13 is a tremendously challenging passage. Sort of. What makes it so challenging for many New Testament scholars is that it offers so little challenge to the status quo. The same Paul who says that the cross is the unmasking of the blindness of the rulers of the world tells people to be subject […]

Sex Inside Out

Or, “Do we not judge those inside the church? But those outside God judges.” Or, “Master, is now the time when you’re going to restore the Kingdom to the United States?!” This past week I think I may have caused more than a few of my readers whiplash. On the one hand, I have been […]