In the wake of the Charleston attack, there has been a fantastic collaborative compiling of resources pouring out over Twitter. Follow the #CharlestonSyllabus hashtag for a rich feast of resources to get up to speed on the racist legacy that still haunts our hearts and our country. #charlestonsyllabus Tweets Please share the love:

What Crime Is This?

The shooting of Trayvon Martin continues to capture national interest. At least, the minorities I know are fully engaged and interested. Most folks like me (including me), not so much. I want to tread carefully here. In America, we treat people as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I was in Durham, […]

Racial or Not?

I know it’s a bit hard to see the picture, but see what you can make of this sign: (“CAPS WORN WITH BILL FORWARD ONLY! NO DO RAGS!”) The sign adorns a new high school football stadium. I’m curious how it strikes you. My gut reaction was that there was a racist tinge to it, […]