Apocalypse and Hope

This week I was listening to Philip Clayton debrief his book, The Predicament of Belief: Science, Philosophy, and Faith on the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast. Clayton is a progressive, Process theologian who refuses to give up on resurrection. Real resurrection, it seems. Not the sort of “redefine resurrection such that happy things are happening in your […]

Easter’s Adam

It’s still Easter. This is your regular reminder. I know how it is: the lamb is long since gone from the fridge, the extra half pound you gained by eating Cadbury Cream Eggs has been shed in anticipation of that summer by the pool, so there aren’t very many reminders. But it’s still Easter. As […]

It’s Still Easter

Just a reminder, especially for all the self-inflicting faithful who suffered through forty days of Lenten fasts: it’s still Easter. I know, it’s Thursday. But really. (Of course, in terms of cosmic reality, it really is always Easter and Lent is a sort of game we play to keep us from taking it for granted. […]

Receiving Justice

Power. Too often, power is the enemy of justice. “Justice” is the cry of those who cannot make their own. Power calls itself justice. It makes a thriving land a desert and calls it peace. Power knows how to be rid of a nuisance. It knows how to excommunicate. It knows how to execute. But […]

Storied Reality

What’s the point of storied theology? At its best, storied theology taps into a fundamental dynamic of our humanness that other theological approaches miss. Human beings, inherently, are story tellers. Story is a basic principle of mind. Most of our experience, our knowledge, and our thinking is organized as stories… narrative imagining is our fundamental […]

Reimagining Faith: Into Christ

Yesterday we did a bit of thinking about the apparently strange juxtaposition of justification by faith and final judgment based on works. I’ve been wondering if there are a couple of roads we might run down to reconceive what saving faith looks like. The first facet worth exploring is the conjunction of faith with our […]

Deep Hope

“I can’t write about the ending of the story, papa, because it doesn’t have an ending.” My six-year-old was in the back seat, dutifully completing her reading log for school. But The Giving Tree had introduced an unexpected wrinkle into her plans. “All the happy things happen at the beginning and the sad things happen […]