Resurrection and Revelation

The disciples didn’t get it. Jesus’ ministry, that is. Pretty much ever. We see hints at their incomprehension early on, when Jesus speaks in parables and the disciples don’t understand (Mark 4). Immediately after, they are terrified by a storm at sea, and Jesus rebukes them for their lack of faith. We learn that they […]

Pagels on Revelation

Yesterday, Elaine Pagels was on NPR’s Fresh Air discussing her new book on Revelation. The interview was interesting on a number of levels. She discussed the place that the book of Revelation has had in the history of interpretation, and how it was likely intended to be read in its first-century context. Pagels located John’s […]

Humanity Ready for God

Karl Barth claims that God is ready to be known by people, and hence actually knowable by people. In §26 of the Church Dogmatics, he approaches this from two different angles. First, as we discussed previously (here and here), Barth draws us back to revelation, claiming that God is only known as God has revealed […]

Does God Really Say?

Some of the most basic ideas are also the most difficult. Early on, many of us learned that when we hear the words of scripture we are hearing more than the words of people. We are hearing the word of God. Christianity depends on the idea that the God who created the world is also […]

The Beginning and the End

Over at Wipf and Stock there’s a great new book you should know about. Michael Pahl has written, The Beginning and the End: Rereading Genesis’s Stories and Revelation’s Visions. His first Wipf and Stock production was also outstanding, From Resurrection to New Creation, which should be a staple in your “introducing people to the Christian […]