Revelation and Trinity

In this week’s reading of Church Dogmatics Barth works out the nature of revelation in conversation with the identity of God itself. There were two amusing moments for me in this reading. One was when he said on p. 330: The statement: Individuum est ineffabile, can indeed be made but characteristically it cannot be proved, […]

What We Do, Echoing in Eternity

“What we do in life echoes in eternity!” Thus saith Maximus, the Gladiator. Now the question we’re all asking: is Gladiator good theology? I’ve been reading through Revelation, and today came through a few chapters close to the end. This is where the great whore goes up in flames and becomes sport for her own […]


As many of you know, Flannery O’Connor is not only the greatest theologian of the 20th century, she is also one to whose writings I return regularly. In particular, I read the story “Revelation” to my class each time I teach on Revelation in an attempt to demystify the world-inverting message of apocalyptic literature. This […]