Let’s Talk About Sex?

Yesterday the woman across the aisle from me on Southwest Airlines flight 362 was reading Cosmo. The page she was reading was all about sex. Then she turned the page. And that page was all about sex. And so was the next. And the next. And the next. After watching her flip through her primer […]

More Sex (Pt 1)

This week we hosted a fun, at times raucous and always wonderful dinner (thanks to the chef). The five guests were Twitter friends and Christians. Most of them also run in decidedly more liberal theological circles than I do, which brought up the question that I want to start chipping away at today–the question of […]

God and Sex

Sometimes I do get worried that Christians are too uppity about sex. I worry that too often we look to who you are or aren’t having sex with as the defining factor of your faithfulness to the gospel message. Reading through the Jesus narratives in particular, I find that he seemed to care about a […]

Craigslist Sex Ads Pulled

An article from the Associated Press indicates that Craigslist has recently taken down its “Adult Services” Ads. This is a very big deal. Unfortunately, it’s not a big deal for the reasons being given about why it had to be done and why they did, in fact, do it. The reason it’s really a big […]

Hip Christianity

Yesterday’s post on Brett McCracken’s Wall Street Journal article created some good conversations both online and off. These got me thinking about the question of relevance, or appeal to contemporary culture. What I found missing in McCracken’s assessment of current movements, as he dismissed them all as being beholden to contemporary culture in a manner […]

Gay Debate and Slavery?

On Religious News Service there was an article drawing out some parallels between the “Gay debate” taking place in the North American church today and the slavery debate that took place 150 years ago. One side argues for the plain reading of the Bible while the other argues from a grand narrative of freedom and […]