Independence and Freedom

Happy America Day! July 4th, the day we celebrate our independence from those rotten English types. It’s the perfect day to work your way through the Mel Gibson trilogy of anti-England movies: Gallipoli (all Aussies should hate England), Braveheart (all Scots and everyone else in the U.K. should hate England), and The Patriot (all Americans […]

On Being Son of God

There once was a person who received the Spirit of God. With the reception of this Spirit, the man became something he was not before: God’s own son. Knowing that God was father, and protector, and deliverer, he implored God for deliverance in the face of suffering: Abba! Father! But deliverance, and entry into glory, […]

The Spirit of Easter

It’s still Easter. Easter is when the Spirit of God exerted the greatest power of all. A person dead for days was raised up to new life. If Christians have a life-giving Spirit, it is only because the Spirit we have first gave life to the crucified Christ. Because the Spirit is the Spirit of […]