“When I Say God…”

“When I say God, what I mean is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” This statement of Geoffrey Wainwright was a favorite among the Divinity Students at Duke when I was there–it invariably showed up in each of their sermons prepared for Trinity Sunday. The Christian God has an identity. That identity is Father, Son, and […]

Theology is Important

For all of my moaning about certain ways of doing theology or thinking of Christian identity in particular theologized ways, I have something even more important to say, and I hope it’s not lost amid the cries and protests. Theology is important. I do worry about certain ways of doing theology, and want to push […]

What Threatens the Chuch?

In the wake of the Rob Bell controversy, his editor at HarperOne, Mickey Maudlin, wrote a reflection on what transpired. Bell wrote a book many disagreed with, and the disagreement immediately was charged with words like “Heresy,” and was roundly condemned in many circles. Maudlin points out how blithely the notion of heresy was invoked: […]