Cultivate the Whole

Sometimes you hear about the magic bullet. The thing. The one thing. The leading thing. If we get hold of this one thing, the rest will fall into place. I hear tell of a college whose motto proclaims, in the words of a Protestant Reformer, that the mind is the way to the heart. And […]

Why I Use a Clunky Neologism

I recently tweeted the following: Who God is in Godself is insufficient cause of praise: One of my Facebook friends wanted to know what was up with this “Godself” business. Besides being a horribly clunky neologism, doesn’t the Bible constantly use masculine language to refer to God? Here’s what she commented: Daniel, I enjoy […]

Time Lord?

While at SBL, I got into one of those theological discussions. You know, one of those… The question at issue: Does God exist outside of time, such that all time (past, present, and future) as we know it is always present to God? Time is a function of creation, as much as physciality. For God […]