God Crucified?

On Sunday we were listening to Nadia Bolz Weber doing her “Lutheran theology rocks” thing in an interview at Wild Goose. (Seriously, folks, she is living out the law/gospel, simul justus et peccator thing better than anyone else I’m familiar with in 2013.) At one point she started talking about the atonement. So much of […]

Two Down, or…

Karl Barth, The Man-Crush Resumes. In the final section of Doctrine of the Word of God, Barth touches on two dynamics of his work that make my heart sing, and clarifies one of the recurring challenges I’ve had (including from part one of this section). First, Barth here talks about the dogmatic method as deriving […]

Christ or Trinity?

Since the Colloquium on Theological Interpretation last month (see here, and here) I have been mulling the question of Christian hermeneutics. In particular: is there a difference between a Christological hermeneutic and a Trinitarian hermeneutic? And if so, why do I advocate Christological readings rather than Trinitarian? The answer to the first question is decidedly […]

“When I Say God…”

“When I say God, what I mean is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” This statement of Geoffrey Wainwright was a favorite among the Divinity Students at Duke when I was there–it invariably showed up in each of their sermons prepared for Trinity Sunday. The Christian God has an identity. That identity is Father, Son, and […]

The Trinity

In this week’s edition of our Church Dogmatics reading (§1.8.3, §1.9.1-2) Karl Barth is talking about the Trinity. God is one. And the doctrine of the Trinity is how Christians affirm God’s oneness. God exists in three modes of being, though to say as much creates all sorts of dangers of missteps, and no one […]