Tribes, Unity, and Love

Tribes Evolutionary psychologists are helping us figure out how we humans got to where we are now. What is it about the ways we’re wired that helped us survive and adapt in the face of countless daily threats to our lives? Part of the answer is a powerful instinct to form tribes in which we […]


Unity by Faith

Diversity is something we can see with our eyes. Unity requires faith. That was my realization as I was studying 1 Corinthians 12 recently. Unity, Identity, Witness I’ve wondered about and lamented over the failure of Christian unity. The failure of Christian unity is the failure of Christians witness. In John 17 Jesus prays, “I […]

God is One

If there is a central faith confession in ancient Israel, it is that God is one. Well, at least, God alone is Israel’s God, which then gradually becomes, the only true and living God. But let’s not quibble over the historical development from henotheism to monotheism. Because, after all, as Barth reminds us in Church […]

Living the Impossible Dream

I’m getting ready to teach Romans again. No, I’ve not yet repented of the idea that the resurrection of Jesus is the most important theme in the letter. But in my recalcitrance, I continue to find, as well, the call to live our the impossible dream. For all that we approach Romans for its theological […]

What Threatens the Chuch?

In the wake of the Rob Bell controversy, his editor at HarperOne, Mickey Maudlin, wrote a reflection on what transpired. Bell wrote a book many disagreed with, and the disagreement immediately was charged with words like “Heresy,” and was roundly condemned in many circles. Maudlin points out how blithely the notion of heresy was invoked: […]

Bread People

“Since there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread.” Sunday is reorientation day. Not only is it the day that Christians have traditionally set aside for worship, in that sacred space and sacred time we have developed reminders–reminders of our story, reminders of our […]