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Have You Heard?

Have you heard the wisdom of God? Or have you simply (or simplistically) assumed that you always knew what it was? It might be time to listen again. The Lectionary for this coming Sunday has dished up an amazing assortment of texts. There’s a theme running through them that has the power to make us […]


Dear Younger Self

Yes, it happened this week. Sing it with me, this is 40… As I was running today I had a few thoughts about turning 40. It began like this: Dear 22-38 year-old self: I will run your lazy butt into the ground. Name the time and place. Sincerely, 40-year-old self. Then my thoughts turned more […]

Words of Wisdom

It’s not often that an interview leaves deep and lasting impressions. Especially when it is someone else’s interview. And even more especially when this person did not take the job for which he was on the hot seat. But such is the case for one series of conversations I got to be part of as […]