Does Deborah Help?

I am 100% supportive of women’s full participation in the ministry of the church. If your church ordains, it should be ordaining women. If your church has teachers, women should teach. If your church has elders, your women should so participate in the church’s “rule.” But there’s one argument in favor of women’s full participation […]

Why I Use a Clunky Neologism

I recently tweeted the following: Who God is in Godself is insufficient cause of praise: One of my Facebook friends wanted to know what was up with this “Godself” business. Besides being a horribly clunky neologism, doesn’t the Bible constantly use masculine language to refer to God? Here’s what she commented: Daniel, I enjoy […]

The Blessed Dog of Mark 7

I want to dig into Mark’s story of the Syrophoenician woman just a bit more today. It is one of the more troubling episodes in Mark. When this woman comes begging Jesus to heal her demon-possessed daughter Jesus in essence tells her she is a dog, unworthy of the gift: “It is not right to […]